Thursday, July 24, 2008


TREVOR: Hey Babes. Saw the craziest thing on my way to work.

WORKING: Oh yeah?

TREVOR: So this banker type (only a few years older than me), on his Blackberry, is trying to exit the front doors of our streetcar at Bay and King. He stands there, talking away, waiting for the doors to open. Then he says, "open the doors, please". Nothing. "Open the doors!"  The driver says, "you'll have to exit the rear doors, sir"(I guess there was a car there or something - or the driver was just being a stickler for the rules). So the banker goes, "Open the F*CKING doors! This is F*CKING ridiculous! Do it now." No response from the driver. So the guys huffs all the way to the back and exits. But he doesn't leave it there. I see him walking along the streetcar to the front to do...something...who knows? Then I hear a lady up front shriek and suddenly there's a thump and an umbrella splayed all over the front window.  

WORKING: Let me get this straight: the guy tried to beat up the streetcar with his umbrella?

TREVOR: I think he walked back up to the front doors to mouth off or something, and then as the driver pulled away, the dude sort of jumped back and in front of an oncoming car and hit it with his umbrella. It startled everyone, but there wasn't any situation after that.  We all saw saw him walking away, still yakking on his Blackberry. Everybody just started laughing.

WORKING: Talk about wrong side of the bed. 

TREVOR: It must've looked crazy from street level. The TTC driver wasn't even fazed.

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Blogger palinode ~ 11:08 AM

That was probably my uncle.  

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