Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hot. Just damn hot.

My sister has returned! She's been teaching in Korea for a kabillion-and-three years (give or take a kabillion) and she's home! Of course, "home" is three provinces away from where I am, so she might as well still be in Korea. The flight costs about the same. However, it's nice to have her back in the country. Makes it FEEL like she's closer.  And this picture of my sisters' reunion makes me feel included.

Meanwhile, it's another Toronto summer day. Muggy and hot. I have a hurricane-force fan pointed at my face and another at my laptop because it's also complaining about the heat by, oh, not opening files, dumping programs, that sort of thing. Did I mention my deadline is Tuesday, oh Computer-my-love? And the dog is laying flat-out in the shade out back. She'd rather be swimming. So would I. But despite the heat, people still wear wet-suits to swim in Lake Ontario. Not that the dogs care. The dogs make us all look like pussies.

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