Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lazy Days

This morning was MRI Test Part Deux. Downtown at 3:30 AM is not so different from downtown at 4:30 AM. I even got to witness a drug deal. Naturally, I did my civic duty and pulled over immediately to make a citizen’s arrest.

Or, more accurately, I locked my doors and hit the gas.

Life. Is. Good. I just spent a delicious couple of hours plucking away at my laptop in front of an open window, face lapped by a cool breeze and the scent of grass, freshly and ecologically mown by my husband (using our trusty Can. Tire special).

Then we walked to the Big Carrot to get the fixin’s for the week’s homemade soups, burgers and blueberry muffins. And we picked up Mad Men Season One on DVD.

In other words, I feel it's time for a nap.

To entertain you whilst I’m away, here are some of the things Charlie and Kiwi are up to these days (you may sense a theme):

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Anonymous Corey ~ 7:10 PM

Love the Big Carrot.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 9:11 PM

yeah. s'pensive, but delicious. And so much better since the expansion.  

Anonymous corey ~ 10:29 PM

we live in Throncliffe so Broadview/Pape is our subway stop and puts us near the carrot everyday. Yes, organic food sure can make you wonder how much healthier is that $20 head of lettuce.  

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