Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Oh thank God. I thought the cable had been cut off but it’s just the batteries in the remote. Yes, the plan was to cut it off, but we had to give a month’s notice. I’ve had plenty of time to change my mind and change it back again.

Plus, it’s been well over a month and they still haven’t cut it off. This could mean:
1. Free cable! They think we’re moving and kept it on to woo the new tenants.
2. They meant a month’s notice by billing cycle.

So I may or may not have two more days of cable. Cue ominous music.

The reason I’ve been watching cable and not posting because this is what I do when big things are afoot. I hide. I don’t tell anyone. I dunno, maybe I’m worried people will think it’s stupid. Or that spilling the beans will jinx the whole thing.

EDITED:  The following section was edited because I read it back, got bored, and moaned to myself, oh Working, why can’t you just get to the bloody point?

Here’s the deal:
- I’m unemployed again and as a freelancer, this happens often.
- I’m not looking forward to the job hunt. Not at all.
- I’m getting less and less inspired as time goes on.
- I realize now that I’ve done what I came to do in this industry.
- Time to move on.
- I’m thinking the medical field, TBA.

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Anonymous James ~ 10:37 AM

Clean up in aisle two! I can take no more shock today.

Although, when I was about your age, I got disillusioned with the industry. I realized I had figured it out and it ain't the magic I thought it was. It's just business.

But don't be like me. That's the worst thing you could do!  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 11:33 AM

You know, for so many people it's much more than just business. But I don't feel that way. For me it really is a job. An enjoyable one, true, but I can't help feeling I am capable of so much more. I need to feel the thrill of learning.

Plus, my writing is going really well these days, so I have a good creative outlet already built in.  

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