Friday, July 18, 2008

Winding Down?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this space lately. I’m not sure what to do with it. If it weren’t for my pets, my health or the latest adorable (yet strange) thing Trevor says, this blog wouldn’t be much of anything.

I am by nature a very private person. There are things in my life that I keep closely guarded. I worry that this blog could be mined for evidence to be used against me or worse, against those I love. Let’s just say I’ve good reason to assume I’m being watched, so I’ve been careful. Maybe excessively so.

Unfortunately, my private life is what would make me even remotely interesting. And since I can’t write honestly, what ends up here is the safe version, a skimming of the truth. Me, by a small fraction.

It seems to me the really good bloggers are so because:

1. They found a way to be comfortable revealing the whole truth.
2. They’ve switched to private blogs.
3. They are such good writers that they can entertain you with their kids/pets/neuroses without actually having to reveal anything truly personal.
4. They specialize in something, like current events. Or Britney’s coochie.

I’m not sure which category I’m aiming for. I just know I haven’t hit it.

On a personal level, this has been a good record for me, especially of the first years of our marriage. This is essentially the only diary I keep. Unfortunately, if I'm ever in the mood to reminisce some day in the far future, I'll have to do some serious reading between the lines. Let's hope the ol' memory holds up.

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Anonymous Jimmy ~ 5:11 PM

I'm finding it harder to reveal much even on my small private blog. I'm getting self conscious or I'm starting to realize that making an ass of myself is not what a forty year-old should be doing.

What makes blogs an art form I enjoy is honesty, so don't stop!  

Blogger Chris ~ 9:43 AM

I have to agree with jimmy - don't stop! Otherwise I'll have to check your facebook status or convince you to join twitter so I can know what's going on. Oh wait, or I could drop you an email, or, even better, give you a phone call...that would be another way to keep in touch, too. :)

My blog tends to be related to my job, though I've deviated from the initial intent since starting it. Maybe it's simply arrogance, and the idea that someone cares what I'm writing that keeps me going. Yup, it's a lot about arrogance. Why else would I check how many hits I got today? Arrogant bastard. But so handsome...  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 10:27 AM

You have a blog, Chris? Where is it?  

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