Wednesday, July 30, 2008


INTERVIEWER: So, what does it feel like to start over again career-wise?

WORKING: Well, I’m only 32. I’m assured that this is perfectly reasonable.

INTERVIEWER: You’re not nervous at all?

WORKING: I’ve done my research.

INTERVIEWER: So you’re doing fine?



WORKING: No. I’m freaking out.

INTERVIEWER: I thought so. Then why are you doing this?

WORKING: I want to contribute to society.

INTERVIEWER: You’re saying people in the television industry don’t contribute.

WORKING: Well, it’s questionable.


WORKING: Ha! I’m kidding! That was a joke. Some of the best people I know work in the industry.

INTERVIEWER: You’re just blowing smoke, now.

WORKING: No, it's true. They’re a tough bunch of mo-fo’s. As my former boss put it, “if I can keep a Director happy, I can do anything.”

INTERVIEWER: Is that true?

WORKING: Trust me. I was just a Director and I was a total jerk.

INTERVIEWER: So back to my original question, why are you doing this?

WORKING: (thinks for a moment)

WORKING: (thinks for another moment)

WORKING: It just feels right.

INTERVIEWER: So what exactly are you going to be doing?


INTERVIEWER: You don’t know, do you.

WORKING: It’ll be in the field of Healthcare.

INTERVIEWER: You don’t have a clue.

WORKING: I do so! Shut up! I have some ideas.

INTERVIEWER: You’re clueless.

WORKING: I’m working on it. I’m talking to people who know.  I'm looking into classes.

INTERVIEWER: And how does Trevor feel about this?

WORKING: He supports me.

INTERVIEWER: He tolerates you.

WORKING: Same difference.

INTERVIEWER: So what else is going on?

WORKING: The dog stinks, like, all the time.

INTERVIEWER: I asked what else is new.

WORKING: No, I mean it’s worse than regular dog stink. Something died in our backyard.  She rolls in it.

INTERVIEWER: Go remove it.

WORKING: I tried. I can’t find it.  There's nothing there.  Just some invisible pile of... stink.

INTERVIEWER: Well, good luck with that.

WORKING:  Thank you.

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Blogger Soggy ~ 8:03 AM

OOOOOOOOOooooooo!! I get to leave a comment now because the sign in is in English. You know, Working, the average person changes careers 3 times over their life. What are you at? Like 2? AND!!! Isn't your age group the new twenties? In that case I must be the new teens. Hmmmm.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 8:11 AM

I wondered why you never commented before!

And if you're in your teens, there will be no booze for you, young lady.  

Blogger Naomi ~ 8:19 PM

The new twenties... gah... I hated much of my twenties. The early part, anyway.

If you figure out a good procedure for figuring out what you want to do, let me know!  

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