Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad Milk iChat

WORKING: So I was going to take Mad Men back. Anything else we need while I'm out?

TREVOR: um....

TREVOR: there's something, i just can't think of it

TREVOR: we're out of frozen blueberries

TREVOR: and maple syrup

TREVOR: and milk

WORKING: jeesh

TREVOR: and i want a pony

WORKING: you forgot about these when you were just there yesterday?

TREVOR: the milk went bad this morning.

WORKING: It went bad?

TREVOR: very bad

WORKING: Like, it pulled out a gun?

TREVOR: it touched my no-no hole, too.

WORKING: Oh gawd! Bad milk!

TREVOR: It couldn't be rehabilitated. So I put it down.

WORKING: You put it down?

TREVOR: The drain.

WORKING: (groan)

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