Thursday, July 10, 2008


After a day of work-related disappointments, we console ourselves at The Real Jerk and decide to walk it off down Queen East.

TREVOR:  I hate when things are up in the air.

WORKING:  Me too. But in that case, we both chose the wrong industry.

TREVOR:  True. It’s just weird.  How do we pick a move date when it could mean we don't get jobs (that we want) for possibly months later? Then there’s the possibility of keeping a bit more work here, but it makes the move date...uncertain. AARGH! it's not solvable! yeesh.

WORKING:  I know.

TREVOR:  Did you see that?

WORKING:  Oh yeah.  Did you see the cuts up her arms?

TREVOR:  And that weird patch on her chest?

WORKING: And that brace?  And she looks anorexic.

TREVOR:  Wow.  It’s amazing how people live.

WORKING:  And here we are worried about what’s coming next.  You know, you look at someone like that and you realize that people survive.  They just do.  And it’s not so bad.

TREVOR:  Yeah right, if you call looking like a bleeding callous ‘not so bad’….

WORKING:  Good point. But I think we’ll be okay.

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