Saturday, July 19, 2008


Schmutzie and Palinode do this x365 thing where they write 365 entries about people they’ve met over their lives, people who made an impression. I don’t really know where it comes from (EDITED to add:  At least, I didn't know until I googled it.  And now I know) but I like the idea. 

So yes, I’m copying and I don’t really know the rules. Well, screw the rules. My brain is showing early signs of my future forgetful senior citizen self, so best to start a record tout suite.

Now, who gets to be the very first?

#1x360 TDK
I had a crush on you when I first met you and over the years the crush was replaced by the friendship of a lifetime. I’ll admit I’m a little sad the friendship didn’t last my whole lifetime. I know that in your soft, non-judgmental way you’ve manifested a fork in the path and gone a different direction. And like many before me, I didn’t realize you were leaving until you were gone. I wish you all the best, good buddy.  Thank you for everything.

(p.s. this is fun! I totally have my next person)

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Anonymous James ~ 9:44 PM

Too short! All they all that short?

And it'll lead to competition. It's no secret I want to be one of the 365 and am willing to commit crimes to make the list.

Then there's jealousy. What if you write about that bitch "LJ" before me?

I hate her already.  

Blogger Sleeves ~ 11:44 AM

I love it. What a great idea. My biggest fear about blogging is that instead of making me introspective and self-aware is that it will make me introverted and self-involved, but this format makes you look both inward and outward. Well chosen.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 3:23 PM

Thanks, Sleeves! I'm looking forward to all the sorts of memories it conjures up.  

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