Friday, June 13, 2008


I was worried the MRI appointment would coincide with a day I'm supposed to be on set, or that it wouldn't be scheduled until well after I'm supposed to return to the prairies. So I was a bit nervous waiting for the letter that would determine my place in the lottery.

(Okay, truth be told I was nervous for half a day and then I kind of forgot about it. Apparently benign tumors don't hold my attention for very long) Suddenly, a letter. They don't call, they don't email, they don't text. They send an ol' fashioned letter in the mail.

And it turns out I needn't have worried: the appointment is scheduled to happen in two weeks. At 4:30 am. You read correctly. 4:30 in the morning. Yup, just me walking through downtown Toronto in the wee hours to get my MRI. When I am attacked and they bounce my skull off the pavement, how handy it'll be that I already have a scan booked.

(also handy that it won't mess with the shooting schedule)

Updated to add: Two! I have two MRI's! I thought it was a clerical error. It isn't. You know, I keep hearing how difficult it is to get an MRI in this country and I seem to have a bounty of them.

The second one is quite posh, though. It's a 5:30 am, so I get to sleep in. Which is nice. Cuz it's on a Sunday.

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Blogger James ~ 10:27 AM

4:30 AM is the peak time for random shootings in Toronto. They says there's a one in eighteen chance you'll be hit by stray bullets at that time of the morning. Try and get shot before your MRI so they can see where it's lodged.  

Anonymous Mari ~ 10:33 AM

Oh, Suck it up princess! You have Krav training and will be just fine! I am glad to hear it is happening sooner than later - if you lived in Sask. the letter would have read two weeks from now, 2009!  

Blogger James ~ 11:38 AM

That's a lot of radiation. What can a second MRI do that the first wouldn't? I'm no doctor. Actually, I'm not a lot of things...  

Blogger traikman ~ 1:08 PM

Honey, I must ask you this: are you going to be wearing underwear under your paper skirt in the MRI? Should you wash them before the second one?


Blogger James ~ 9:35 PM


Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:25 PM

Please take a cab and be safe....
Mom A.....  

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