Monday, June 30, 2008

Images From a Really, Really Long Day

  • Our bed, the clock blinking “4:05”.
  • Trevor stumbling around the house because he decided he wanted to come at the last minute.
  • College Street, empty.
  • Church Street, not so empty. Lots and lots of men emerging from clubs. One guy fondling another, the latter wearing strips of unflattering black leather.
  • Bored cops standing in front of a “Gay Pride 2008” poster.
  • The hospital, where the MRI technician wearing a hijab hands me cotton pajamas.
  • Someone I kind of know emerging from the MRI room.  We made uncomfortable eye contact and looked away.
  • Trevor reenacting what it would be like if I became electromagnetic.
  • Two yellow strips of light, like a runway, as I am drawn into a very narrow tube.*
  • Fran's Diner where a girl in metallic blue disco shorts almost falls asleep in her pancakes.
  • At the waterfront, a number of Chinese people in bamboo hats welding and hammering and sewing and painting what looks like a large model of the Forbidden City.
  • The sound guy simultaneously adjusting sound levels and typing on his Blackberry.
  • A south Asian family. Another south Asian family. And more south Asian families.
  • A sign saying “Welcome to the Tamil Carnival 2008”.
  • The 401, where the camera guy’s trucks weaves in and out of traffic. He has GPS, so I'm trying to keep up.
  • A generic restaurant beside a massive Buddhist temple in Streetsville.  We watch as Spain takes the Euro Cup.
  • In Mississauga, the guy we’re taping totally loses control of a strawberry he’d just dipped in chocolate.
  • The DVP at magic hour, driving home.
  • Back with Trevor, our couch and steaming slices of Mediterranean pesto pizza.
  • My bed, the clock blinking “10:01”.
* won't know results for a few weeks.

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