Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Box Guy

When I walked into the electronics store, there was only employee there, leaning on the counter. 20-something. Blue eyes. Staring blankly. No expression. No reaction. He simply watched me cross the store to him.
“Hi,” I smiled.
He nodded.
“Are… you… the manager?”
“Okay. Is the manager here?”
“I’m with (TV show). Did you know we were coming to film today?”
“Okay. Well, it’s a quick scene. We’re just filming a guy shopping. Do you have any games?”
He waved towards a far wall, “There. But our game section’s crap.”
“Er, thanks.”

We geared up and started filming. Despite being in Big Box Land, the store was small and unyielding.
“Uh, Working?” the camera guy said.
“You’re in the shot again.”
“Oops.” I ducked around the corner and smack into a couple trying to buy something digital and phone related.
“That’s the one. It's perfect,” the husband whispered excitedly, looking over his wife’s shoulder.
"Okay, let's get it," the wife whispered back.
“I wouldn’t buy that,” the employee said loudly. He didn't even come out from the behind the till. “It’s crap," he said. The sound guy's head popped up behind a row of digital cameras, frowning.
“Oh,” the wife quickly replaced the item, embarrassed to have chosen crap.
“You’re better off with just two regular handsets,” the employee said.
"The two handsets would be way cheaper...,” the wife agreed.
"Right,” the husband said glumly. He was gazing at the sparkly new digital toy that was probably supposed be his Father’s Day gift.
"I'm serious. You'll hate that thing,” the employee said.
“Interesting sales strategy that guy has,” the husband said, but his wife was already making her way to the till with the cheaper handsets.

The camera guy appeared around the corner, “Working, I think we pretty much got it.”
“Good. We just need a shot of buying the actual GPS unit,” I said. "Do you mind if we use this section here?" I asked the employee.
He was bagging the handsets. He shrugged, "I really don't care."
All righty then.
The camera guy turned to our subject, “So if I can get you just to start outside and come in, walk around that aisle to the GPS units.”
“And pick this one up,” I held up a shiny new package, “it’ll be right here on the shelf. Pick it up and head for the till.”
“I wouldn’t do it that way.” We all turned. The employee had not only come out from his perch behind the till, but he was holding out a different GPS system. It looked the same. “This is better. And I’d put it over here. Right where he’s going to come in. You'll get a better shot.”
The camera guy raised his eyebrows at me.
“Thanks,” I said to the employee. I put the first unit back on the shelf. "Let's do it the way we planned," I said, unnecessarily because the camera guy was already rolling camera his way.
The employee simply smirked and went back to the till.

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Anonymous James ~ 12:56 PM

Disgruntled film student? Or worse, disgruntled film grad?  

Blogger Jack ~ 1:50 PM

So that's where James Watson ended up.  

Anonymous James ~ 3:56 PM

That's a bit of an in joke, Jack. I mean, who would get that other than me? There are thousands of people who read this blog.  

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