Friday, May 23, 2008

On The Job

Yesterday, I rolled camera on my first day as Director. The crew was gentle with me. Meaning they suggested once or twice, “Are you sure you want to do that? Perhaps you want to do it this way, maybe? Just saying.”

They also ribbed me openly and mercilessly. This is a good sign. A quiet crew means they’re cursing you behind your back for your ineptitude. If they’re flat out pointing it out, it means the weaknesses aren’t so serious. And if they keep it out of earshot of the participants so as to preserve your dignity, even better.

As I sat across from the interviewees, grilling them about their personal lives, I could help but watch myself, too. The way I don't just listen to the story, but also calculate response and gauge sound bites, forming my questions so strategically, cheering a little inside when yup, we got tears! This questionable behavior has been paying my bills for years. Yikes.

But then again, I still tear up right along with them. Every time, I fall in love with the story telling side of it. Means I still have a bit of soul left, right? I wonder.

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