Saturday, May 10, 2008


“Aw, look at these feckers,” Trev says.
I glance up from our game of Labyrinth. A Hummer has pulled up outside of the pub. “It’s your turn, Dougal,” I say, turning back to the game.
But Trev is more interested in what’s going on outside. “Look at them. Are they hailing a cab?” Sure enough, the large man with a goatee and his date step out of the Hummer and into a taxi.
“Maybe they’re parking so they can go clubbing and not have to worry about coming back for it until the morning.” I picture the man going to his Greek grandma’s for brunch.
“Still. Ostentatious. He better be driving 14 people back to Scarborough in that thing tomorrow.”
“I doubt it.”
“Let’s go key his car.”
“Bad karma.”
"Right. Let’s go key his karma.”

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