Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alyson Hannigan

Trev and Working watch Roseanne as they eat their lunch. Onscreen, Becky enters the diner with two of her girlfriends.
Trev: Hey that’s—
Working: Wait, I can get it…. Alyson Hannigan!
Trev: You got it!
Working: That’s the first one I’ve ever gotten right!
Trev: Congratulations!
Working: (starts laughing hysterically)
Trev: What?
Working: I thought you meant the girl on the left!
Trev: You thought the girl on the left was Alyson Hannigan?
Working: Yes!
Trev: And it’s actually the girl on the right.
Working: Yes.
Trev: So looking at the WRONG girl, you managed to come up with the correct answer, Alyson Hannigan.
Working: Exactly. I have no idea how.
Trev: There really is something wrong with your brain.

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