Monday, April 21, 2008


I decided to kick start my writing tonight by writing about writing. This is in part because I have meant to account for what I've been doing with myself these days (writing). It is also in part inspired by my cousin, Nicole, who is a fabu writer in her own right, and who emailed me today.

I’m not going to tell you what I’m writing about. I could say it’s because I want to focus the journey, not the end, because I’m all about the journey blah-blah-bull.

But the truth is I’m a bit superstitious about it. And it’s more than that; I’m one of those big talkers who tends to tell people all about my latest Really Great Big Idea. And I sell it so well that I can really see in your eyes that you have complete faith that I can actually pull it off (or you're just being very nice).

Well, be warned that my Really Great Big Idea will have a shelf life shorter than the 2% milk currently in the fridge. I’ve long since forgotten that old thing and moved on to the Really, Really Great Big Idea, which will naturally be followed by the Oh My God I Totally Mean It This Time Super Great Big Idea and let me tell you all about it and in fact, won’t you read the first chapter? What do you think? Be honest!

Meanwhile, you're understandably still back at the Really Great Big Idea, a little confused that's it's all since gone out the window. Especially because it was just last night that I told you about it over beers.

And now you're wondering if I'm not just more than a little flaky.

I'm discovering that there are a lot of reasons the Really Great Big Idea didn't make it to paper, and also why none of those reasons matter. There is one person who I have spoken to quite intimately about my writing process. Donna, my coach, an actual Writing Coach. Yes, I have a coach. 'Cuz enough is enough.

And what have the benefits been? Well, just now, this very instant, I freaked out about what to type next. My brain actually said screw it and I almost deleted this whole entry.

Instead, I took a breath, and finished this sentence.

It’s not stellar, but that’s not the point. Because now, suddenly, this entry is done.

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