Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Writing'ish Cont...

My computer went down this week. As in, my elbow knocked a shelf, sending all of its contents onto the desk, flipping a full mug of hot lemon water onto my open laptop.

I was upset in the sense of what an inconvenience, and now we have to spend money. But I've just read this quote, attributed to dancer Twyla Tharp, and realized it's how I actually felt about losing all my work:
I used to think that the luckiest painters were the ones whose barns burned down, with all their old paintings inside. That way, they had no past to be responsible for. They could get a clean start.
Unfortunately, my computer is unscathed by the whole experience. I can't avoid what I've written.

Trevor is also in mourning. He thought he was getting a new laptop (I get the hand-me-downs).

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