Saturday, April 19, 2008

What He's Been Up To

The evening is warm and the Danforth is busy. It's the first weekend the business have erected the little fences and railings that mark off their summer patios. Essentially, the sidewalk space is halved while the crowds are tripled. Still, it has a nice, social feel.
"Wanna go to Auld Spot?" Trev asks.
"Sure! It's been awhile."

The first thing I notice is that the Auld Spot's renovated and moved the entrance to the opposite side. It's also busy, packed with mostly couples, mostly drinking pints.
The owner approaches with a big grin, "hey buddy, good to see you." He shakes Trevor's hand.
"This is my wife," Trevor says, as though he's finally proving my existence.
"A ha," the owner says as he shakes my hand, "Well, it's busy, but we'll find you a seat. The usual?" he asks Trevor.
"And the lady?"
"Er... a Steamwhistle?" I ask.
"Coming right up!"
And soon we're sitting out on the patio sipping our drinks.
"So, I take it you've been coming here often?" I ask my husband.
"Once or twice."

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Anonymous Mari ~ 12:32 PM

Oh thats funny! He was just drowning his sorrows, while you were in Regina, because he missed you so much!  

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