Friday, April 25, 2008

On Writing'ish and a Party

In the first year of our relationship, Trevor and I decided to travel to Thailand with Trev's friend John. The trip was fun. I absolutely could not afford it. But a few quick credit card applications later, we were off.*

John and I got along. But really, Trev and John knew each other much better. John predates me. They used to hang out a lot before I came along. Probably a lot of beer was involved. They had the kind of dynamic that enabled them to quote "Glengarry Glen Ross", line by line, all the way across Thailand. And all the way back again.

John is such an interesting guy. He's single. He's a bit crusty, and very funny. He's deadly honest sometimes. He sunburns easily.

He also has a unique lifestyle. He works his ass off for a popular daily entertainment magazine-style show, saves up all his money, then takes off. Somewhere, anywhere, everywhere. He's the most well traveled person I've ever met in my life. You name it, he's been there, like he has this massive checklist. Hm, he might, actually.

Then he comes home with pages and pages of notes about the place, journals, anecdotes. Back in the Thailand days, he talked about wanting to be a travel writer. But like me, he could never make it happen.

Suddenly, we got this email:

John *****'s First Draft Party

Come celebrate the first draft completion of John *****'s debut travel novel!

Invite friends! Meet new ones!

Register for your own personal copy of one page from the first draft to keep forever! Pick a number between page 1 and 320 – and it’s yours.

Enter the draw to have your name appear in the novel!
Two male and two female anecdote characters are still unidentified.
Trevor is stuck in rough cut hell, which is such a tragedy. But I will be attending tonight's festivities alone anyway, because it's just so damn cool that John did it. I intend to leech off some of that good writing mojo.

*And then Trevor had to help me pay off all those credit cards in the great Get Out Of Debt Scheme of 07. Consider it my dowry, sweetie. You bought me a trip to Thailand.

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