Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Really, I'm Back

Okay, somehow I signed in the once and then forgot all my usernames and passwords associated with this blog. *shrug*

I am suddenly back home in Toronto, sitting in the silence, the only sounds consisting of the dog barking, school kids shouting, TTC buses passing by, and Nick-the-neighbour yelling hello to the other Greek neighbour. Actually, that's rather a lot of sounds.

Today, I took the car in to the shop. It's the wheel bearings. So in a way, Trevor was actually right that it did have to do with tires. But I'll argue that wheel bearings are actually separate from the tires. So I still win.

Except, apparently the tires need changing too, dammit. Rendering the wheel alignment and balancing I just had done a week ago in the prairies completely useless. And we just paid taxes. And bought a house. Money is pouring out of our bank account at alarming speed. And yet, I'm in no rush to find work.

This is mostly due to needing some recovery time and wanting to focus on a new project. Writing went well today. Actually, it sucked monkey butts when I first sat down at the computer and tried to 'hush' my brain. My brain staged a full-on teenager snit, screaming obscenities at me before flipping the bird and stomping off in a petulant huff.

Writing Part Deux, which took place after a nap on the couch, went much, much better.

No workout today, but yesterday I did the 100 pull-ups, push ups, sit ups, and squats workout a la Crossfit. Besides, I'll burn enough calories cleaning up for the next few hours. This place is a total disaster.

I like to think that that's how Trevor truly knows I'm home....

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