Friday, April 18, 2008

My Day On The Danforth

I had the weirdest Shiatsu treatment today. Pressure good, breathing good. But he was all over the place. First the jaw. Now the feet. Now one arm. Oh, back to the jaw. And now the wrist.

Then at the end he told me to use more makeup.
Excuuuuuse ME?! "Er, what kind of makeup?"
Apparently "the kind that moisturizes. It will help the nerve bundles."
That's as much as I understood, so I did the ol' smile and nod and took my leave.

Dr's office was the same as it always is; 2 1/2 hours in a small waiting room packed to the brim with elderly Greek people who apparently all know each other. I've been trying to see if I recognize any words but I have yet to pick out a single one.

Oh, wait, that's not true. I recognized this one: Φαρμακείο. (I really hope that means "pharmacy", 'cuz that's what I thought I heard).

And one lady gave me shit in pseudo-sign language because my toe had caught the corner of the carpet. I guess she saw it as a tripping hazard. So I turned up my iPod and rocked out, complete with head bob and loud sipping of my skinny vanilla latte, just to show that I was indeed a Punk-Ass Kid.

Until, that is, my Dr reminded me again that I'm 32 and my ovaries are aging by the day.

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