Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Part They Don't Tell You About Buying A House

“The lawyer needs the check tomorrow.”
“Yes. Tomorrow.”
“Exactly. Did your paycheck finally show up?”
“No, and they don’t know where it is and they won’t issue a new one.”
“Just f***ing great.”
“Okay, well, I guess I can pull $-- from this account and $-- from that account…”
“That’s still not going to be enough!”
“I know.”
“Plus, there’s going to be 5-day holds!”
“I know.”
“I just wish we had just transferred the bloody money last week.”
“Well honey! I told you last week we should transfer the money and you said, ‘no, don’t bother, we have plenty of time.’ And here we are….”
“I know, I know.”
"I should have just gone ahead and done it."
"That does us no good right now."
“Look, maybe we can do this, that and then this.”
"It'll be fine."
"I know it'll be fine. It's just...."
"I know."

(To top it off, my fingers still type ctrl-C like they're on my PC at my recently concluded job. Clearly, they're having trouble letting go.)

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