Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello, lovies! Oh, how I missed you. It's kind of exciting to be back. I realize that a big chunk of my life is going to be unaccounted for, unrecorded, because I couldn't find the time to update.

And a lot happened. The contract was a tough one, but I survived. I've made great new friendships. And best of all, seven months away from my husband has not resulted in divorce. Not even close.

(Just a lot of whining. On my part. Which is funny because this whole thing was my bloody idea.)

Oh, and we bought a house. So every once in awhile I stop dead in my tracks and clutch at my stomach, hoping my lunch stays down. Eek, a mortgage. A really big freakin' mortgage. I'm going to need this blog because it'll provide free entertainment for the next 25 years.

So. Yeah.

Good to be back.

P.S. I'm also unemployed again. **clutches stomach**

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Blogger Schmutzie ~ 2:11 PM

I'm so glad that you're back!  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 12:52 PM

Welcome back! Good to have you.  

Blogger Sleeves ~ 11:50 PM

Chris and I are equally glad you have returned to the blogwaves. Happy writing!


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