Sunday, October 07, 2007


Hey All,
Clearly this new life of mine isn't conducive to blogging. I've been feeling guilty about it, so I decided to deal with it once and for all.

Schmutzie's beautiful design is inspiring, so I'm holding onto the code. I will likely give it another go sometime. But after I save all my posts, I'll be taking this down. If one can do that.

Thank you all so much for reading. Take good care, and as I know so many of you outside of the Blogosphere, I promise I'll resurface soon and give you a call.


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Blogger Schmutzie ~ 4:04 PM

I wish you'd stay. It'll be sad to see this space go.  

Blogger ReginaRadio ~ 4:17 PM

You suck!  

Blogger ReginaRadio ~ 4:17 PM

Just kidding.  

Blogger Marisa ~ 9:22 AM

We'll miss you - I hope you work things out soon & can get back to blogging :-)  

Blogger Chris ~ 2:54 PM

Too bad! Just when I let your subtle guilt get to me, and I started a new I have no "working" to read. I'll forgive you :) Hope to see you blogging again soon...  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 12:51 PM

I'm sad now.  

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