Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Working And Trev Buy A Car: Part II

We fully expected to buy a Hyundai. We’d read so much about Hyundai’s top quality, high resale value and non-inflated pricing. Thing is, Accent only comes in a two-door hatch and the Elantra hatch is just plain ugly (sorry if you own one, it’s all about personal taste and so on).

Trev called me at work, “I found a nice 2003 Mazda Protégé 5. I drove it, too. I like it.”
“Really?” I replied skeptically. I still had visions of Honda Fit’s dancing through my head.

The dealers are only open late on one night in the week. I asked my boss, please, miss, can I be excused early?. She’s a nice boss and she said yes so off we went to what is affectionately known as “car alley”, a string of dealers along one street. We basically parked and walked the length, test driving car after car after car.

I. Hate. Car sales people. What is their deal? Why can’t they just be normal people? One dealer was so desperate to follow up with us that he actually called the Communications Department of the rather large media corporation I work for looking for the “girl named Working with the short, brown hair whose husband is an editor.”

By 8PM, we were discouraged and tired of the whole process. I said to Trevor that I would give all our money to the first sales person who offered to help us buy a car rather than try to Sell us one. I wouldn't even care what kind of car it was or how much.
“Let’s just go see the Protégé,” he said, “I think you’ll like it.”

Bob was the sales rep Trevor had been dealing with. “I like Bob,” Trevor said, “he reminds me of Roy on Coronation Street.”
Indeed he did. In fact, he was really familiar.
“I know you,” Bob said.
“You do?” I replied.
“Yes. Didn’t you used to be on that (local entertainment show) like, a decade ago?”
“Yes. Yes I was.”
“I was in (rocker band)! I was the drummer!”
“Oh yeah! I remember you!” We shook hands and joked about how our hard living lead to our current day jobs.
“So,” Bob said jovially, “When are you due?”

He actually pointed to my belly.

In tomorrow’s episode, Bob’s head is suddenly and viciously separated from his body, splattering blood and bits of internal matter all over the shiny brand new Mazda 3’s. But did Trev and Working go with the Protégé? Stay tuned!

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Anonymous Just James ~ 3:51 PM

Too much going through my mind...

At what age does a woman stop being called a 'girl' in this town?

I have this theory that blue collar men refer to women as 'girls' if they'd like to do them, and 'lady' or 'woman' if they don't.

Just be glad he didn't ask for "That pregnant lady with the husband who is an editor..."  

Blogger Kerri ~ 11:58 AM

I'm staying tuned! How long do I have to be tuned for? I also remember being promised a story about a bar fight. C'mon...just take your laptop to the bathroom and type away!  

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