Monday, September 10, 2007

Snuck Some Time

Sigh. I say I’m going to keep updating and then I fall off the map again. Let’s face it, I’m having trouble 'adjusting' (sneaking illicit updating time into my workday).

I went out on Saturday night intending to have a nice, simple meal with a friend. It was my stupid idea to get a bottle of sake, then go for a pint, then another. And another. Somehow I ended up crashing the wrap party of a show I don’t even work for, have never worked for. My only qualifier was our shows air on the same network. That’s not a lot.

But it was enough to get me in and drunk. Oh yes, I became a boozing mess and then drunk-web-cam’d my husband. “Hey, look what I can do with this thing!” He had a 9AM flight to London.

In other news, I returned to the same martial arts program that lead to my uber-fit self of days gone by. My body is 50 lbs heavier than it was and I feel the extra weight driving my bones into the floor. It crushes my arms into their sockets during simple pushups. All in good time, all in good time, I chant to myself when I feel like giving up. Which is often.

Another thing I’ve learned: sore muscles last quite a bit longer than they used to. So do hangovers.

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Blogger Brenda ~ 9:46 PM

Congrats on going back! It's something I think about doing again, but maybe once these spin classes stop making me wheeze.

If you find you are surrounded entirely by unfamiliar faces, my good friend/colleague Ken is into the Krav. He's good people and besides being an English teacher, he also writes.  

Blogger Naomi ~ 4:09 PM

Tell Richard to incorporate a daycare/baby krav so I can get back in shape!  

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