Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Working And Trev Buy A Car: Part I

“Regina Mazda, Karl speaking.”
”Hi Karl. My name is Working. I bought a car from you two days ago and the engine light just came on.”
"Did it, now."

* * *

Trev has no great passion for cars. He drives, but he’s been happily sans auto his whole adult life. So it’s kind of funny that he came for a weeklong visit and I decided we’d spend the entire time trying to buy a car.
His first week off since Christmas.
Plus, I basically threw Lemon Aid guides* at him and wished him luck while I went and hid at work.
I know.
I’m such a great wife.

I’m not the type who can show up on the lot, get a good feeling and buy a car. I have to obsess and worry. I have to eat, sleep and dream cars. Aveo’s, Matrixes, Civics, Fits and Versas dancing through my head for a week solid. People who asked me how I was doing were treated to lectures on leases, loans and extended warranties.

The resounding advice from, like, everyone is we’d be crazy to buy new. Cars these days are apparently made well enough to run upwards of 300,000 Km without needing major repair work, so why waste your money just for the privilege of driving it off the lot new?

And so we entered the murky world of used car sales.

In tomorrow’s entry, Trev says, “I don’t know why I said that! It just came out of my mouth!”

* car buying BIBLES

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Anonymous James ~ 2:36 PM

Who are these people who say cars last up to 300 K? I'd like to hurt them.

Our ten year old van seems to have everything going wrong with it and it only has 150K KM, half of which were highway.

I think I'd buy Japanese if I had my way.  

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