Monday, July 09, 2007


I am going back to Saskatchewan to work for the next eight months.

Now, FAQ’s (can they be called FAQ’s if I've never actually been asked ? Oh well):

Q: Where is home if you’re not at home right now?
A: Oh right. Well, I have been living in Toronto for almost four years. So this really is home. But I still refer to Saskatchewan as “home”, mostly because my massive family still lives there. So does Trevor’s.

Though when I gave notice today I did say, “I am moving back to Saskatchewan” instead of “I am moving home,” just to avoid confusion.

Q: How far is it?
A: Map Quest says 1673.63 miles to my parents’ doorstep.

Q: So why so far?
A: Clearly I need a shake up. As you can tell from my writing, things have been, well, psychologically complicated lately. Then this job opportunity came up and I thought it sounded like the perfect shake up.

Q: What kind of “work”?
A: I’m still going to be in the television industry. I’ll continue to preserve my employer’s privacy and I won’t talk about work on this space. But I will say it’s a job I could get really excited about.

Q: But you have a good job, non?
A: I need to say here most emphatically that I’ve loved my current contract. They have been so good to me. It's a show I really believe in.

But I need to get out of this house. It’s been getting me down. I’m starting to get anti-social and more than a little weird. I’m in the most wonderful city that I don’t even appreciate anymore. I don’t want my work to start suffering from all of this. I need a recalibration.

Q: And what about your husband? Remember him?
A: Well obviously Trevor is a factor. We're both slightly nervous that people are going to assume we couldn't make a go of it after less than a year.

But, and I can’t even joke about this, Trevor is the single most important thing in my life. So much so that writing that just made me tear up. The great thing about Trevor is he took it seriously. He considered it carefully and for a week straight we fell asleep and woke up in this ongoing conversation.

He says I should go; we're committed to the debt thing for the next half year, so we'll just be working our arses off anyway. I'll also be able to get some much needed time with my friends and family.

He says we’ll be okay, that we’ll do the things we know it takes to stay close. We’ve done this before. The minute it’s not working, I’m on a jet plane home, baby.

Plus, we’re buying webcams.

Q: Why isn’t he going with you?
A: Because he loves Toronto, doesn't want to leave it, and besides, mine is only a short-term gig for now. That said, I know what he would do for me if I asked him to. But I don’t need to ask him to do that for me.

Plus, we’ll be seeing each other every two months for minimum a week at a time, including our anniversary and Christmas. And those will be a memorable collection of weeks, let me tell you.

Q: Is it Toronto?
A: No. I am coming back to Toronto when all is said and done. I have a feeling I'm going to miss it.

Q: Is it Saskatchewan?
A: Not so much. I can be just as depressed there, too. But I have a strong support system there that has always helped me to snap out of it when I need to. That means something.

I'm also likely going to get back into training. It kicked my ass into shape once and I haven't found its equivalent out here. I've also hired the services of a Life Coach, someone I greatly respect. And I will be continuing therapy. And drinking beer.

So I like to think of it more like, "momma's going to a 'health spa' for eight months".

Q: What about Kiwi, Boomer and Charles?
A: I'm taking Charlie-girl with me. We pictured her experiencing her first vast, open prairie field and just knew it had to be. Minus forty will suit her just fine.

But don't think for a second I'm not already missing Boom-booms and Kiwi-The-Bat-Cat. Sniff!

Q: So if you're not going to be working from home, your blog title doesn't make any sense.
A: Good point.

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Anonymous Sister #2 ~ 6:39 AM

Yay for me...sad for T, K, and B. But Yay for me!  

Blogger Naomi ~ 8:50 AM

I am selfishly happy as well! We'll both be without our dudes for the same amount of time... that's gotta be worth a few commiserating drinks.  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 12:46 PM


Anonymous Anonymous ~ 6:41 PM

But, but, who will be my contact in digital cable to plan, and subsequently film, my marriage proposal, my wedding, my honeymoon, and my attempts to pay it all off?

No seriously. Go luck with everything, It sounds like a great opportunity.  

Blogger Jacqueline ~ 6:37 AM

#1 - boo that you're leaving us, but yay that you've got this opportunity and are coming back to us.

#2 - Oh yeah, I know what it's like to work for home and start getting weird....especially for introverts. So yeah for you.

#3 - We'll take care of Trevor. Is he still coming to the party?

#4 - John, I'm going to open up a new busines...'Aisle Help'. We'll record everthing on my digital camera and then air on cable 10. It'll be bigger than Ed the Sock.

#5 - Big kisses and hugs to M.  

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