Friday, July 13, 2007

Mad About Mad About You

What the hell happened to the final season of Mad About You? I missed when it aired back in I guess 1999, and have been catching up lately. We didn't have a TV until the 90s so those shows were particularly influential to me. Northern Exposure, Frasier, Murphy Brown (I consider myself lucky to have missed most of the television of the 80s).

But that last season of Mad About You, what a stinker! I've heard of jumping the shark, but this show landed on the shark and gave it a noogie. The show runners apparently lost their minds.

The episode where Jamie and Paul let Mabel "cry it out", and Jamie's depression episode were okay, reminiscent of previous seasons. It gave them all sorts of places they could go. But otherwise, it is a completely different show. Even the actors seem to be phoning it in.

Something big must have happened. Maybe the people in charged freaked out and fired all the writers and took to writing the scripts themselves, thinking they could do a better job. Then hired their brother-in-laws to direct.

Whatever the case, I hope someone tells the real story some day.

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