Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Link: The Nice Guy Paradox (Solved)

Interesting. Thoughts?
Most guys know about the nice guy paradox. It’s where they’ve been told since they were young — both by women and by society in general — that women like “nice” guys. And because they’ve been told this over and over, most guys grow up trying this approach only to have reality pee in their faces. Link.

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Blogger Marisa ~ 11:59 AM

Mostly, I'm thinking that it's only a paradox if you assume that women only have a binary choice ("nice"/"not nice") to make, rather than niceness being one of a lot of characteristics that make up attraction.  

Blogger Naomi ~ 6:48 PM

I love my husband for his kindness. He does not, and has never, overwhelmed me with his "sheer force of masculine character". Right now he's making a teddy bear talk in a French accent to my son. That's attractive.  

Blogger palinode ~ 2:17 PM

What a load o' nonsense. This is the self-torturing misogynist bull that allows too many men to nurse grudges against women who won't give up their bodies on demand.

When that blogger talks about 'women,' he's probably thinking of girls from his adolescence. Most of this kind of talk is spouted by men who stopped developing emotionally somewhere around age fourteen.

Also, I think that a lot of young women hate themselves and react with self-protective contempt when treated like a human being instead of a sex object. It's part of the whole damaged system of gender relations we operate in.  

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