Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It’s four days until departure and I’m FREAKING OUT. It just registered in my head that after 4 years of working from home, I start a 9-5 office job on Tuesday. Tuesday! Three provinces away! What the hell am I thinking, leaving my Trevor for eight months?

I’m scrambling to tie up loose ends for work and ticking things off my massive household to-do list. Okay, that last part is a lie, I haven’t done a thing on my household to-do list. The house is a disaster zone. I haven't packed a thing. I haven't even done my laundry. Shit.

Meanwhile, how do you pack for eight months? Do I pack books? Do I take winter clothes? I can’t get my dog’s brand of food in the prairies, so do I pack an eight month supply? I have to get it right or risk having her fart us right out of my parents good graces. Ack!

Okay, breathe. Breathe. Thank God for a scheduled booze-up tomorrow night with the Corrie Canuck’ers. I be needin’ it.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:32 AM

What kind of dog food do you feed her? You'd be surprised at what's available here.

- Paul C  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 9:35 AM

Wysong. I made a few phone calls but no luck. Do you know of anywhere?  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 11:05 AM

Richard, the owner of the shop below told me he thinks he can order it in. If not, Go! Natural and Innova are also great brands. Or you could go a step further and feed Urban Carnivore, which is a raw food.

Pawsitively Purrfect Dog Grooming Ltd
4649 Rae St
Regina, SK S4S6K6
(306) 949-5255

- Paul C (the proud new dad for 9 chihuahuas and a basenji)  

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