Friday, July 27, 2007

At The Mall

I’m sitting in the middle of a mall manning a booth for work. Don Henley just wrapped up the last notes of "Boy of Summer" and we've eased into an instrumental version of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy".

On one side of me is a Fruits & Passion. On the other side is a Body Shop. My olfactory senses have completely shut down.

On the flip side, the mall offers free Internet and there’s a Tim Horton’s and an ice cream shop within 30 feet of me. Oh hell, that's probably not a good thing; my jacket button keeps popping open when I bend over.

In honour of my current environment, here’s a little about its inventor, Victor Gruen:
Austrian Victor Gruen is known as the father of the shopping mall. Gruen holds the world record for building the most shopping space in a single lifetime at 44,500,000 square feet. His designs became the mall model and nearly every shopping center in the world bears his mark. Yet in the late fifties and sixties as malls cropped up all over the United States, the great paradox of Victor Gruen unfolded. He looked out at his creation and was appalled. The shopping mall, he concluded, is a powerful evil.

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Anonymous sister #2 ~ 10:06 AM

Have a great weekend in the mall...sorry that you have to spend you last weekend in TO there but its only a week until you hit the big R! Can't wait.  

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