Thursday, June 07, 2007

Link: Water

In the American Journal of Physiology (2002), Heinz Valtin does a complete and utter debunking of the "8x8 myth". He also goes on to question the need for a high water intake at all, and states that caffeinated and alcoholic beverages do indeed count toward daily water intake.
Good points well made. Link.

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Anonymous John ~ 1:22 PM

That reminds me of the recent Sopranos episode where Melfi's doctor sat there drinking from this pretentiously huge water bottle, probably all in the name of staying "hydrated."

While water is probably the best thing to drink in that there's no sugar, caffeine, etc., I do think people have taken it to an extreme.

Isn't anyone just thirsty anymore?  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 1:29 PM

We're suckers for the so called 'Science' of 'improved' water. I thought her points about "meanwhile, the rest of the world" were really good.  

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