Thursday, June 07, 2007

Group Effort

I can handle them as pets in cages. But I greatly dislike wild mice running around my house. I don't handle it well.

I had my cup of coffee in one hand, was checking the morning emails with the other. Metro Morning blaring from the kitchen. Kiwi and Boomer were all lazy and lounging from their night of up-to-no-good.

Suddenly, both went into Hunt Mode. That sound, that scratchy sound. Under the fridge.

I let them do their work, hoping it'd be quick. Boomer is still young and while she has the posture and stealth down, she struck way too quickly. Kiwi looked seriously annoyed.

Boomer wandered off. Kiwi gave it the patience that comes with experience. It also helps that he's black and blends into the dark runner at the base of the cupboards.

Suddenly that distinctive sound of fur smacking into appliance. Gawd, how I hate that sound.

Kiwi brought the thing to his Killing Rug (which also serves as his Sleeping Rug and Fighting Rug). I decided to go to other parts of the house while he did his business.

But when I came upstairs again, Kiwi was lounging and Boomer was very effectively NOT killing the mouse, which was running around in disoriented circles.
"Why can't you ever just KILL the bloody things?" I yelled at them.

I also did what anyone in my position might do; I climbed onto my swivel chair and started throwing things. The mouse made for the dark interior of my camera bag and I freaked out because I have to film later today.

In a flash of brilliance, I let Charlie in. Her nose went straight to the mouse. She picked it up gently in her mouth.
“Good girl! Outside!” I yelled with maniacal enthusiasm.
She promptly dropped the mouse and went for her leash.
“No, no, no, no, take the mouse!!” I shrieked.
She went back for it.
“Now take it outside,” I said.
She did.
“Okay! Go play!” I said.
And, she did. A few seconds later I was able to dispose of the rather soggy and thoroughly deceased mouse.

Boomer's still looking for it.

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