Sunday, June 03, 2007

Finally, Some Luck!

Oh, what a lovely weekend.

First, Glacia and Lawrence hosted us for a lovely dinner. Steamed muscles (ha! I mean mussels), Thai curry, Corrie themed fortune cookies, which I wish I'd kept; delicious mojitos and apple pie! With cheese! Not to mention excellent conversation.

Then, a housewarming party with Trev's co-workers. Two kinds of brownies, a fire show and a pinata filled with condoms and pop rocks! Not to be used together, presumably. Though....

On the way home we got into a conversation about Buddhism with two strangers at the bus stop. Then I chatted over the fence with the neighbours well into the night.

But the best part of all was this discovery:
Now available in Toronto's fine convenience stores. I had them for breakfast.

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Anonymous Sister number 2 ~ 10:24 PM

Condoms and pop rocks do go together. Funny you should mention this as a friend of mine was telling a story about how she bought some from a "specialty" store. After she bought them, the sales person from the store told her the 50 cent ones from the corner store worked just as well as the 5 dollar ones from his store. She reported that the ones from his store were defective!  

Blogger Jacqueline ~ 10:30 AM

Now I wished I had put condoms in the fortune cookies!!!

BTW - I'm very, very happy you found the twists. Now if we can *just* get them to sell Old Dutch in boxes!  

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