Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Excerpt: Andrew Harvey

The Divine is both creative and destructive and destroys to create. And I believe the deepest meaning of our crisis, this apocalyptic crisis we are in, is that it looks like a total annihilation.

But in fact, when you look at it with the eyes of deeper understanding you see that it is a birth. And the great death of this time and the great birth of this time are interdependent.

So there is this destruction of old forms, old ways of acting, old ways of being, old ways of doing, that is very dramatic, very painful and that is causing immense fear to every being on the planet. But for those of us who have lived through what mystics call the dark night of the soul, this destruction is not the end, just as the crucifixion of Jesus was not the end.

This destruction in fact prepares a tremendous calm, extraordinary birth of a wholly different kind of consciousness, of a wholly different kind of being and doing.
Andrew Harvey on Tapestry podcast, June 5th, 2007

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