Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Old Friends

Today I’m thinking about the friends I’ve lost. No, they didn’t die, they just aren’t my friends anymore. Most often we simply drifted away from each other. Other times it was all dramatic.

The first friend I ever lost was likely due to class difference. We were in Grade Three. She had real cabbage patch dolls, I did not. She was an only kid, I was one of five. I used to sneak to her house after school to watch Video Hits. We didn’t even have a TV. I mean, it never could have worked, right? That one drifted.

Fast-forward a couple of decades. I lost a very good friend because I didn’t know the ‘nod rule’, the rule that states, “ye shall check with your girlfriend before hitting on that guy.” Yes, I should have known better. I blame it on poor judgment and Buck-A-Draft at Checker’s. That shit was trippy.

Then I lost a series of guy friends. I’ve always had really great guy friends. Maybe it was being raised by my dad, I dunno, but I’m often far more comfortable around guys.

In the case of my two closest guy friends, events unfolded that I still do NOT understand. Men aren’t very clear about those things. They fight differently. I think there was a wife involved in one instance. It still irritates me that I don’t really understand why I lost these good friends.

More recently, I’ve lost friends due to work politics, which really pisses me off. The job wasn’t worth it. Lines didn’t need to be drawn. I totally should have been invited to that party and yes, my feelings are still hurt. You know who you are! And it's a safe bet you don’t read this blog.

Still, I can think of every single one of these people and smile. I thought they were great people. In some cases, we shared brutal experiences and I wouldn’t have made it through without them. Never mind how it ended up.

So here’s a toast to all the friends I’ve had and lost. I’m thinking of you today.

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