Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Morning Walk

It was such a beautiful walk this morning. Everything smelled like rain, wet dirt and new leaves. I rolled up my cuffs and they still got soaked.

Charlie inevitably went after a duck, only she underestimated the current of the flooded river. She made it back to the bank, thanks to her paddle-sized paws, and then clung to it by her armpits. I was just about to get on my knees and army crawl across the loose mud to rescue her when she finally pulled herself up, claw by claw.

Then we carried on, trying not to step on snails and worms. She discovered rabbits.

Every once in awhile, I walk to the soundtrack of a really good podcast. This is an excerpt from today’s:
“I think when you get very depressed and you get serious about changing your life and pulling yourself out of it… you almost have to do a cat scan on yourself every day and ask, you know, is there any cluster of cells here that is not corroded with grief? Is there any part of me that can still receive light, that can still expand, that can still be excited and delighted by the world? And then you feed those healthy clusters and hope that they’ll grow.”
Source: Elizabeth Gilbert on Tapestry

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