Thursday, May 03, 2007

List of Smart and Not-So-Smart

Stupid things I’ve done recently:
  • Today I chose a banana to go with my vitamins. Result: banana helped the fish oil capsule go down particularly smoothly but you cannot imagine the flavour of my burps.
  • Charlie killed two baby squirrels yesterday. I was so mad at her. Until I remembered that it’s me who counts her down for the daily squirrel chase (“readyyyy…set… GO!”). Thing is, she’s never really caught one until the babies showed up. I’m going to a kind of hell where squirrel toddlers take turns screeching at me for all eternity.
  • I sent my iPod careening down the basement steps one too many times.
  • At the dog park, I told people in detail about the baby squirrels. They were suddenly late for things and had to leave.
  • I introduced Boomer to Outside and now she howls constantly at the door to be let out. If I give in, she makes directly for Lucky-the-raccoon-killer's yard. Lucky is big. Boomer's just little. And very, very naive.
Some Slightly Redeeming Things I’ve done recently:
  • I started reading Anne Lamott.
  • We just completely paid off our credit cards. Zero. Halfway there.
  • We also paid our taxes. We're freelancers and tax time has always reduced us to sad, repentant, "next year we can't let this happen," pathetic heaps. Repeat. Until this year! Yay budget!
  • Having done so well on taxes, I bought a Nano. Seriously, I can survive debt but not without an mp3 player. There are limits.
  • And just in time, as I found CBC's retro podcasts. Oh Basic Black, how I loved thee.
  • I’ve had actual over-the-fence conversations with the neighbours. We’ve never really spoken before. The dead squirrel thing helped. They're helping me make sure their dog doesn't eat my silly little cat.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:12 PM

Yeah, never mind the dangers that exist for outdoor cats. My boy would be intolerable to live with if I let him out even once.

Also, congratulations on paying off the credit cards. I got rid of mine 6 years ago, and have never looked back. If you need the services that a Mastercard or Visa logo provide, get a global payment card. Walks and talks like a credit card, but only works if you have money in your chequing account.

- former coworker/former classmate  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 7:39 PM

You can bet I'll be researching that card. Stupid Visa tried to give me tens of thousands of credit. I said no. Don't need the temptation.  

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