Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sorry. It's About Facebook Again.

The other thing about Facebook is the content. (Last post about Facebook, I PROMISE)

(Unless something really good happens)

According to my Facebook page, I’ve spent all of these years traipsing to exotic locations and I have a great job in Canada’s largest city and I’m off to Montreal for the weekend and I married a great guy in a rather unique wedding. We haven’t had kids yet because we’re too busy going to various functions with our loads of creative friends.

That’s a rather, um, compressed picture. Yes, all of those things made up the past decade. Reality is a bit more mundane. Really, I struggle with housework and sometimes I don’t like working from home because I miss people.

I also oscillate between periods of hyper joyous creativity and navel gazing depression. I think waaaaay too much about things that don’t deserve my time and not enough about the things I really want to do.

Trevor and I bicker about really stupid things, like wrapping our heads around the next level of money concepts (the Project is going amazingly well. I should talk about that more one of these days).

We also talk way too much about our animals. Oh sure, we went out with wonderful people to Auld Spot this week, proving we do have a social life. But Trev and I told that story about getting our cat off. I mean, would you invite us to your next function?

Then again, Facebook is a way to tally all of the best things of my life. I’m spectacularly blessed. Maybe it’s time to focus more on the good. Enjoy it.

The Montreal thing is happening in... shit. Half an hour. And I'm sitting here typing! I need my head examined.

We’re going for some much needed R&R with our good friends M. and A.. Charlie gets to reunite with the love of her life, Master Percy.

We saved up for this and hot damn if I'm not totally excited to wrap my fingers around a cold pint and maybe something smoked and meaty....

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