Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Catholic Thing

As mentioned, I’m on speaking terms with Catholicism these days. This guy helps. I’m listening to him on a Tapestry podcast.

The way he explains celibacy is great; it sucks. It's meant to. The poorest of the poor are the lonely, so how better to be in solidarity? To be utterly lonely and still keep your energy positive, keep giving to the world. Now that's a gift.

An excerpt from the interview:
A normal person, you’re going to want to drink the world in. You’re gonna want to make love to the planet. And you should want that. You know you can’t do it. If you try to do it you’re going to kill yourself like Janis Joplin did. But if you’re healthy, that’s the fire that’s pumping inside yourself. And what you do with that fire is your spirituality.

So spirituality, it’s not a luxury that’s added on. It’s not something you just do in church. Or something you decide I’m going to go on a spiritual quest or follow these spiritual disciplines; we’re doing it all the time.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 1:26 PM

My dad loves him some Ron Rolheiser. And actually, I have a book he wrote on loneliness that's pretty good.  

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