Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Entry That Made No Sense

“I’d give my left nut for decent radio station.”
“You don’t have balls.”
I have balls,
And you don’t!
You’re so jealous
Of my balls!”
“That’s not right. It should be like this:
I have balls
And you don’t!
You’re so jealous
Of my scroat!”
“Scroat doesn’t rhyme with don’t.”
“It does so.”
“We have no eggs! How am I supposed to make muffins?!”
“It's not my fault. Don’t blame me.”
“I blame you, you blame me.”
We’re a proper family…!”
I’m sorry doctor, she just kept rhyming.”
“No, more like, I’m sorry Detective, she just kept rhyming. I couldn’t help myself.”
“I’m running to buy eggs.”
On your great big Scottish legs!

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