Friday, April 27, 2007

Suzuki Tells the Future

The Federal Government announced an environmental plan based on intensity targets, which I mentioned here. The bottom line is that while emissions will go down per barrel, if overall production goes up, overall emissions will go up. Making the whole thing rather pointless. It's only one planet, people. Emissions are emissions.

Toronto Mayor David Miller says we obviously can't wait for the Federal Government to take the lead; saving the world is in the hands of the cities. He is doing some things.

I'd like think it's a better approach and I will be positive and involved. But if we wait for government to tell us what to do and make us do it, we've already lost. Because they'll never push us hard when the next election is to be considered.

They'll say this is what we Canadians can handle at this point, because we're sensitive to change and hardship. Sitting on our posh arses for too many generations. Our great-grandparents would, and should, laugh at our inability to picture life with less, especially when less would still be considerably more than they ever had. They'd say we've lost a lot of our ability to be creative, buying our every day solutions in excessive packaging.

It's clear to everyone that planet we as know it won't exist for our children, maybe even our aged selves. We screwed up. But we can fix this. It's going to be up to us to show government exactly how much we can buckle down. Let them keep up to us.

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