Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I recently had an hour to kill before a meeting in one of the suburbs. I’d never been there before and didn’t know where to go that wouldn’t take me too far out of my way. I drove around a bit and slowly it dawned on me; the only things I could think to do involved spending.

It’s one of the more powerful effects of being on this ‘spending plan’ (read: strict budget to get out of debt). I now realize how much of my previous spending was just about killing time. Shopper’s is a particularly lucrative trap for me. I could walk into that place and spend $50 without pause. $20 at S’bux because I don’t have to be somewhere for another half hour.

Maybe if I’d found a park or something it would have been different. Instead, I walked into Shopper’s, intending to stand in the magazine section for an hour. I did stand in the Magazine section; I read O and a story out of Stuart McLean’s new book.

Then an employee started adjusting things on the shelves and I felt guilty so I decided to wander around the store. Just to look, though. Y'know, keep up on the new products.

I now have $60 to fit somewhere into the budget. On top of the $100 we’re currently ‘working off” in the budget, $20 at a time. Granted, they were things we needed ← I just realized that was a trick I play on myself. Because they weren't really things we needed. Wow. Lesson learned.

The moral of the story is never go to the suburbs.

Just kidding.

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