Friday, April 13, 2007

Regarding The Doughnut Story

I have been feelin' this rant all day in regards to this story.

Dear CBC: When I'm in the mood for a doughnut, I'm in the mood for a freakin' Doughnut. Bring on the fatty, sugary goodness because I get a doughnut maybe once a month and the last thing I'm checking is the bloody nutritional content.

I leave that monotony for my day-to-day lentil eating.

Who actually believes doughnuts are part of a nutritionally balanced daily menu? Anyone? Right. So is the fact that doughnuts are bad for you really such a big controversy?

Go after more meaningful targets and leave me in doughnut-savouring peace.

Thank you.

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Anonymous James ~ 8:21 PM

Dear Doughnut addict:

It must be nice to have just one doughnut. If they ever get near me, I eat four or five.

So for me, it's not whether there's 12 grams of fat in a doughnut or 19, it's whether there's 60 or 95 grams of fat in morning doughnut orgy.

I will die soon. Have the CBC test my fat content when I do.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 6:16 AM

Will do.

And I lied about the one doughnut once a month.  

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