Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Plague: Part Deux

If you were traveling past Eastern Ave. during rush hour today, perhaps you noticed a man with curly hair and a beard puking his brains out. That was my husband. Note that he made sure to puke in his lunch bag. He is a model citizen.

Poor love, thinks he’s going to work tomorrow.

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Anonymous james ~ 8:29 PM

Jan never did get what I had. I don't know how since she was up at nights in the hospital with our son. That was mid-September and this horrible thing is still going around. I guess you've ruled out food poisoning now?

My sympathies. That was the sickest I've ever been and everyone who's had it says the same.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:12 PM

He looks so sweet laying there like that..... That is the same way he used to look when he was a little guy with the "flu". Only difference is that it was Lady laying beside him---not Charlie.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:16 PM

Oops --- I guess that another difference would be --- THE BEARD.
Love Trev's Mom  

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