Thursday, April 26, 2007

Marital iChat

WORKING: The cat bed had slid off the table and halfway down the couch and boomer was still in it, trying to make it work.

TREVOR: too funny

WORKING: It's raining.

TREVOR: guess i don't have to water the grass

WORKING: I have to the pet store today. Charlie's all out.
I'm going to do the grocery shopping, too.

TREVOR: oh ,ok

WORKING: I want to be ROLFED.

TREVOR: I'll do my best

WORKING: Jeeze, it's really pouring.
I think I might save the big shop for tomorrow morning.
I can't picture schlepping it home in this.

TREVOR: no worries

WORKING: I mean, I really want to be rolfed.
TREVOR: my hands get tired very quickly

WORKING: You gotta be kidding me.

TREVOR: that's ridiculous.

WORKING: (Friend) wrote a blog entry saying that the "cheers" salutation is one of her pet peeves. I’ve been cheers’ing for years. I'm so embarrassed.

TREVOR: i wonder why that would bother her.
it's not annoying
of course, look at what bugs me*

(*”irregardless”, “expresso”, “fancy-schmancy”)

WORKING: Your cousin has asked if we want to sponsor her for the WWF climb.

TREVOR: Oh. kinda hard to say no, huh

WORKING: Can we afford something small, I wonder?

TREVOR: has she asked for a specific amount?

WORKING: no, no. She was aiming for $300, has already raised $700

TREVOR: well, then. we'll take $400 off her hands


WORKING: You leaving soon? Charlie's asking.

TREVOR: you tell that little bitch...

WORKING: She's not a bitch. She can't have puppies.

TREVOR: oh right

WORKING: It's a very sensitive topic with her, you know. We didn’t exactly give her a choice. We just took her bitch parts away.

TREVOR: well smoosh her face and tell her daddy's on his way

WORKING: She thinks you're a moron. Honest, she just said that!

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Anonymous Fancy Schmancy Sister # 2 ~ 11:12 AM

Wow - this is a very Fancy Schmancy blog it!  

Blogger traikman ~ 11:18 AM

You're up to $75 now, Mari.  

Anonymous Fancy Schmancy Sister # 2 ~ 4:42 PM

I am moving into a fancy schmancy new home today and am not going to be giving you my new fancy schmancy address so you can't collect all the fancy schmancy money I owe you form using the word fancy schmancy so much. I can guarantee you will be saying fancy schmancy by the end of the week. Oh ya baby...that's fancy schmancy!  

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