Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coffee Rant

Dear Councillor:
I am listening to your interview on CBC this morning and I want to send this comment to your attention.

I am a Pape & Danforth resident and have been a dog owner for three years. I am a conscientious dog owner who agrees that other members of my community don't need to stepping around my dog's mess. She is my responsibility and I am more than happy to stoop and scoop. Heck, I'll even clean up after another owner's animal if they happened to miss the deposit.

I will not, however, carry that baggie for the hour and a half long run I then take with my dog. I mean, ew.

You mentioned green bins and I applaud the idea. If you're not going to let us use the garbage facilities please, please, please give us an alternative.

Thank you,

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