Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back From The Brink

Wow, what in blazes was that?! Something took exception with me and I definitely took exception to it. For three days we battled. Half a cup of lemon water? Rejected! A sip of ginger ale? Denied! Messy and brutal. Sneak attacks in the dead of night.

Then, a cup of rice and a few sips of bush tea proved that I had not only gained in the battle, I’d won the war. Shouldn’t have rushed it with the full egg-on-toast menu this morning, but I’m happy to be upright.

I would like to thank Trevor for taking up the slack and showing care instead of revulsion, which he must have felt at certain points. The constant comfort of Charlie as she lay by my side. The rare peace and quiet offered by the two cats, who obviously realized what was good for them. The conference call facilitated by my work when things were still, um, complicated.

Here’s to Wednesday! Never thought I’d be so happy to see my desktop.

Meanwhile, in my neighbourhood:

Reports indicate at least one individual was taken into custody at one of the biker gang's clubhouses on Eastern Ave. near Logan Ave. in the city's east end.

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