Monday, March 19, 2007

What's On Offer? UPDATED

I’ve been thinking a lot about why you people read this blog. I’m not infertile (that I know of yet), I’m not a mommy blogger. I talk far too much about my pets but I’m hardly a pet blogger (shoot me now if I am).

There are only two subjects to which I claim any degree of expertise. So I guess that makes me 1) a Trevor blogger and 2) a broke blogger. Not exactly what I intended, but you don’t really pick these things.

We’ve had plenty of the Trevor and he’s not that funny today. So let’s have more of the broke:

We are in Month Two of “Project: 15 Months To Wealth”. We live on cash allocated to jars (Transportation, Food, Clothes, Misc., and my favorite, Entertainment). What goes into the jars is determined by our budget, which was set in stone by a Budget Guru. When the cash is gone, there is no more to be had until the next Budget Day.

Things I miss:
- Decent jeans
- Sushi

Things I don’t miss:
- Loads of financial guilt

Things that make me a little sad:
- Not going home to see family for at least another year and a half

Things that make me a little happy:
- The thought that I might be able to afford maternity leave some day.

So there you go. Any questions? I am an expert, after all. Ha.

* * *
WORKING: Did you read my latest entry?
TREVOR: oh yes i did
WORKING: The budget one?
TREVOR: in which you state i'm not being funny
WORKING: I was waiting for the fallout.
TREVOR: i've been staring at it for an hour. simmering
TREVOR: i'll show you funny

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Blogger Naomi ~ 12:34 PM

I know a couple my parent's age who do what you do, but envelopes instead of jars. It works very well for them. I may try it some day.  

Blogger Chris ~ 1:51 AM

Since coming to Cambodia, the "cash only" country, we've moved to the envelope system. It seems to work rather well. Though perhaps that means we're putting too much in the envelopes to begin with. Shouldn't you always be super-stressed about money? :)  

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